Luminous data – observing malicious domains at scale

Friday 5 October 10:15 - 10:45, TIS room

Norm Ritchie (Secure Domain Foundation)

Established under a Canadian Non-Profit charter in 2014, the Secure Domain Foundation works to proactively mitigate malicious domains by acting as a trusted clearinghouse and by sharing intelligence on malicious domains. The platform has over 200 million historical gTLD records, with hundreds of thousands of new registrations per day, enabling the observation of millions of unique indicators of malicious activity. Norm will walk us through the technical challenges his team has to overcome in order to create Luminous, how new data is being aggregated and shared, and how the Luminous API is evolving.

Involved in Internet technology for over 25 years, Norm is a member of ICANN’s DNS Security, Stability, and Resiliency Team, as well as one of only seven Trusted Representatives of ICANN to hold a recovery key from which the DNS root security extensions can be recovered.

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