Panel discussion: Will WHOIS go dark? Threat intelligence in the post GDPR era.

Friday 5 October 14:00 - 15:00, TIS room

Michael Osterman (Osterman Research)
Norm Ritchie (Secure Domain Foundation)
Tom Bartel (Return Path Data Services)
Mark Kendrick (DomainTools)

For years, the data from WHOIS services has been a hugely valuable security research tool. Post GDPR, many organizations decided to restrict access to this data in order to become compliant, cutting off access to multiple data sources. ICANN has proposed an accreditation program to provide tiered access to non-public WHOIS data and the Anti-Phishing Working Group has offered to act as an expert group to facilitate the certification applicants. Will WHOIS go completely dark as current domain data ages out? How will ccTLDs and gTLDs approach data sharing?

Session moderated by Michael Osterman, Osterman Research

Panel members:

  • Norm Ritchie, Secure Domain Foundation
  • Tom Bartel, Return Path Data Services
  • Tim Chen, DomainTools

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