Call the shots! Let’s fight crime together

Friday 4 October 11:00 - 12:30, Small talks

Speaker TBA (NHTCU)

The National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) is part of the Dutch National Police, focusing on cybercrime cases that are considered to be of high impact and/or complex due to the suspects or victims involved or the infrastructure used.

In this session we aim to first present some insights into NHTCU strategies and tactics and how tips from private sector malware researchers were of crucial importance for successes in the past. During this walkthrough there will be key moments where the audience will be asked to share their opinions, ideas and/or thoughts with the NHTCU investigators on stage.

Then we aim to get even more interactive by discussing ideas as to how malware researchers and cybersecurity experts can help the NHTCU in existing and new cases. Issues might surface from technical, legal and organizational perspectives which can be directly discussed with the panelists.

The ultimate goal of the session will be to come up with one (or more) specific ideas about cases and/or interventions  that we collaboratively can work on in the months to follow (and jointly present at VB2020;). Delegates are asked to think beforehand as to how their general intelligence position or technical skills could benefit criminal investigations. Your insights into specific cybercriminal groups, specific modus operandi or crucial facilitators within the cybercrime ecosystem will be significant in order to turn this project into a success.


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