Virus Bulletin - August 2006

Editor: Helen Martin

Technical Consultant: John Hawes

Technical Editor: Morton Swimmer

Consulting Editor: Ian Whalley, Nick FitzGerald, Richard Ford, Edward Wilding



The great Mac debate

'You could be killed in either Bournemouth or Baghdad, but I know which destination I would be more concerned about.' Graham Cluley, Sophos, UK

Graham Cluley - Sophos, UK


Sysinternals goes the Microsoft way

Microsoft acquires company behind the Sysinternals range of freeware tools.

Linux magazine prints rootkit how-to

Arming sys admins with all they need to know to write a rootkit...

More on the XP comparative

Setting the record straight.

Malware prevalence report

June 2006

The Virus Bulletin prevalence table is compiled monthly from virus reports received by Virus Bulletin; both directly, and from other companies who pass on their statistics.

Virus analyses

Malicious Yahooligans

Making its appearance in June 2006, JS.Yamanner@m was the first webmail worm. Eric Chien has all the details.

Eric Chien - Symantec, Ireland

Star what?

A macro virus for StarOffice, or merely an intended? Vesselin Bontchev sets the record straight.

Dr Vesselin Bontchev - FRISK Software International, Iceland


Dial M for malware

Should we be worrying about mobile phone threats? Tomer Honen and Alexey Lyashko look at the risks.

Tomer Honen - Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Israel & Alexey Lyashko -

Comparative review

VB Comparative: Novell NetWare 6.5 - August 2006

John Hawes's first task as VB's new Technical Consultant was to run a comparative review of AV products for NetWare. See how John and the eight products fared.

John Hawes - Virus Bulletin

Spam Bulletin

Spam Bulletin - August 2006

Anti-spam news; SPUTR: a proposal for the uniform naming of spammer and phisher content tricks (feature)


Latest articles:

Does malware based on Spectre exist?

It is likely that, by now, everyone in computer science has at least heard of the Spectre attack. Since many excellent explanations of the attack already exist, this article focuses on the probability of finding Spectre being exploited on Android…

EternalBlue: a prominent threat actor of 2017–2018

At the centre of last year's infamous WannaCry ransomware attack was an NSA exploit leaked by the Shadow Brokers hacker group, known as ‘EternalBlue’. The worm-like functionality of the exploit made a deadly impact by propagating to interconnected…

VB99 paper: Giving the EICAR test file some teeth

There are situations that warrant the use of live viruses. There are also situations where the use of live viruses is unwarranted. Specifically, live viruses should not be used when safer and equally effective methods can be used to obtain the…

Powering the distribution of Tesla stealer with PowerShell and VBA macros

Since their return more than four years ago, Office macros have been one of the most common ways to spread malware. In this paper, Aditya K Sood and Rohit Bansal analyse a campaign in which VBA macros are used to execute PowerShell code, which in…

VB2017 paper: Android reverse engineering tools: not the usual suspects

In the Android security field, all reverse engineers will probably have used some of the most well-known analysis tools such as apktool, smali, baksmali, dex2jar, etc. These tools are indeed must‑haves for Android application analysis. However, there…

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