Virus Bulletin - October 2007

Editor: Helen Martin

Technical Consultant: John Hawes

Technical Editor: Morton Swimmer

Consulting Editor: Ian Whalley, Nick FitzGerald, Richard Ford, Edward Wilding



Gateway scanning is not enough!

'Why is the number of malicious attachments decreasing - and why shouldn't I be happy about it?' Paul Dickens, Institute of Physics Publishing.

Paul Dickens - Institute of Physics Publishing, UK


Wot, no comparative?

VB100 Netware comparative delayed.

Alarm over possible PDF flaw

Vulnerability announcement hyped to disaster level.


Panda reveals country with lowest level of infected PCs.

Malware prevalence report

August 2007

The Virus Bulletin prevalence table is compiled monthly from virus reports received by Virus Bulletin; both directly, and from other companies who pass on their statistics.

Conference report

Oh, Vienna!

Helen Martin reports on three packed days of presentations, networking, a little bit of gambling and a lot of fun at VB2007 in Vienna.

Helen Martin - Virus Bulletin, UK


The need for an in-house SMTP honeypot

By blocking port 25 at the firewall, an organization can prevent a mass-mailer from spreading. However, by blindly blocking outgoing SMTP traffic, valuable data is lost on threats that use port 25. Vinoo Thomas and Nitin Jyoti discuss the benefits of redirecting vs. blocking internal SMTP traffic.

Vinoo Thomas - McAfee Avert Labs, India & Nitin Jyoti - McAfee Avert Labs, India

Technical feature

OpenOffice security and viral risk – part two

In the conclusion of his two-part article presenting an up-to-date evaluation of the security of OpenOffice, Eric Filiol looks at security issues in OpenOffice integrity management and draws conclusions about the overall security of OpenOffice.

Eric Filiol - Army Signals Academy, France & Jean-Paul Fizaine - Army Signals Academy, France


Exepacker blacklisting

The blacklisting of exepackers by AV products is a controversial subject with opinions among the AV community varying widely. Gabor Szappanos takes a balanced view and discusses the pros and cons of exepacker detection.

Gabor Szappanos - VirusBuster, Hungary

Late addition: Comparative review

VB comparative review: Novell NetWare 6.5

John Hawes puts 10 anti-malware products through their paces on Novell NetWare 6.5.

John Hawes - Virus Bulletin

The comparative review is also available as a standalone PDF.


Anti-malware industry events

Must-attend events in the anti-malware industry - dates, locations and further details.

Spam Bulletin

Spam Bulletin - October 2007

Anti-spam news; Boosting email anti-spam filters using an ensemble of SVM classifiers (feature)


Latest articles:

Nexus Android banking botnet – compromising C&C panels and dissecting mobile AppInjects

Aditya Sood & Rohit Bansal provide details of a security vulnerability in the Nexus Android botnet C&C panel that was exploited to compromise the C&C panel in order to gather threat intelligence, and present a model of mobile AppInjects.

Cryptojacking on the fly: TeamTNT using NVIDIA drivers to mine cryptocurrency

TeamTNT is known for attacking insecure and vulnerable Kubernetes deployments in order to infiltrate organizations’ dedicated environments and transform them into attack launchpads. In this article Aditya Sood presents a new module introduced by…

Collector-stealer: a Russian origin credential and information extractor

Collector-stealer, a piece of malware of Russian origin, is heavily used on the Internet to exfiltrate sensitive data from end-user systems and store it in its C&C panels. In this article, researchers Aditya K Sood and Rohit Chaturvedi present a 360…

Fighting Fire with Fire

In 1989, Joe Wells encountered his first virus: Jerusalem. He disassembled the virus, and from that moment onward, was intrigued by the properties of these small pieces of self-replicating code. Joe Wells was an expert on computer viruses, was partly…

Run your malicious VBA macros anywhere!

Kurt Natvig wanted to understand whether it’s possible to recompile VBA macros to another language, which could then easily be ‘run’ on any gateway, thus revealing a sample’s true nature in a safe manner. In this article he explains how he recompiled…

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