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VB Comparative: Windows NT 4 Workstation - February 2006

Matt Ham fully expected a bumper harvest of VB 100% awards this month, simply due to the familiarity of the Windows NT platform to the developers.

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Learning from Sony: an external perspective

Dan Kaminsky takes a long hard look at the reaction (or lack thereof) of the AV industry to the Sony rootkit incident and assesses the consequences.

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Does Bayesian poisoning exist?

A common criticism of statistical spam filters (such as SpamBayes, DSPAM and POPFile) is that they can be 'poisoned' by inserting random words into spam messages. John Graham-Cumming looks at the evidence and attempts to answer the question: does…

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Not worthy

Peter Ferrie has the details of MSIL/Idonus.

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Signature updates vs BCP

Aleksander Czarnowski (AVET Information and Network Security)

Would you ever expect a well established anti-virus company to fail to provide you with signature updates? Would your company's security policy be ready to deal with such a situation?

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Inside the Windows Meta File format

The Windows Meta File (WMF) format has received a lot of attention over recent weeks. Peter Ferrie looks at why.

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The real reason for the decline of the macro virus

Dr Vesselin Bontchev shares some of his expert knowledge and reveals the real reason for the decline of the macro virus.

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Inside the Microsoft script encoder

Peter Ferrie delves inside the Microsoft script encoder.

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Windows OneCare Live Beta (Build 0.8.0794.44)

VB usually shies away from the testing of beta products, but the beta release of Microsoft's anti-virus offering OneCare Live proved to be just too tempting. Matt Ham describes his findings when he put OneCare Live under the microscope.

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New anti-spam group for China

Internet Society of China announces new anti-spam group.

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