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The real reason for the decline of the macro virus

Dr Vesselin Bontchev shares some of his expert knowledge and reveals the real reason for the decline of the macro virus.

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VB Comparative: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise X64 version - December 2005

A somewhat disappointing total of nine vendors submitted their products for VB's first comparative review on a 64-bit operating system.

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When malware meets rootkits

Elia Florio takes a detailed look at the rootkit technique known as 'DKOM using \Device\PhysicalMemory'

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Thoughts of mass destruction

Years after Chernobyl was released, the potential for hardware-destroying viruses has yet to be fully exploited.

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Inside Sony’s rootkit

Mark Russinovich describes the rootkit discovery that ignited a firestorm of criticism for Sony.

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Exploring the x64-treme heights of the Internet

Costin Raiu (Kaspersky Lab)

With its 64-bit Internet Explorer, Microsoft seems to have shipped a version that is relatively safe from malware, but will its lack of support for ActiveX controls, Java, Shockwave and PDFs simply drive users back to the malware-friendly 32-bit…

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Measuring and marketing spam filter accuracy

'Over 99% accurate!' 'Zero critical false positives!' '10 times more effective than a human!' Claims about the accuracy of spam filters abound in marketing literature and on company websites. Yet even the term 'accuracy' isn't accurate.

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Cross-infector viruses demonstrate the flexibility of certain file formats. While some of these viruses have clearly been written to maximise their replication potential, most seem to have been written simply to show that it can be done. Peter Ferrie…

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In Dublin's fair city

VB2005 was a double record breaker - Virus Bulletin's longest and largest conference to date. We were delighted to welcome well over 360 delegates to The Burlington hotel in Dublin for the debut of the event's new longer format - and, for the second…

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The false positive disaster: Anti-Virus vs Winrar & Co

Andreas Marx (AV-TEST)

Andreas Marx reports on his extensive false positive testing of anti-virus software.

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