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The ideal tools of an ideal virus lab

Each profession has its own set of tools, and whenever there is an improvement in those tools, the work of that profession becomes more efficient. Every company in the anti-virus industry has its own confidential technology for studying malicious and…

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Got [Mac]root

No doubt to the surprise of some in the Macintosh community, the MacOS X platform has a rootkit. Peter Ferrie provides all the details of OSX/Weapox.

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Threats to online banking

Candid Wueest (Symantec)

Incidents of malicious applications that steal financial account information have increased dramatically over the last year. Candid Wueest demonstrates that the biggest threat to online banking is malicious code executed carelessly on the end-user's…

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Spammer readme

Brian McWilliams explains why, despite the recent outbreak of Sober.Q, which showered the Internet with neo-Nazi propaganda emails, he disagrees with the notion that virus writers and spammers are in cahoots.

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Symantec AntiVirus 10

Detailed testing and analysis of Symantec AntiVirus 10

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VB Comparative: Windows XP - June 2005

This month's testing process proved to be relatively plain sailing for VB's resident reviewer Matt Ham. Find out whether it was such a breeze for the 28 products on test.

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Standing the privilege attack

The security and resource implications of adware - particularly in the corporate environment - are becoming an increasing concern for users. While AV vendors continue the tricky process of determining what should and should not be detected, adware…

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Problems in static binary analysis: Part 2

Aleksander Czarnowski (AVET Information and Network Security)

In the first part of this article we inspected several problems that are encountered when particular objects are loaded into memory. In this part we will inspect further problems associated with static analysis techniques.

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Your computer is toast

When will a silver bullet come along that makes computers work as well as toasters?

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Computer Viruses for Dummies

Paul Baccas (Sophos)

Paul Baccas reviews: Computer Viruses for Dummies, by Peter Gregory

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