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Grey clouds on the horizon

PSGuard is a 'virus and spyware remover' program which is promoted through the Win32/Nsag infectors. While questionable in terms of motive, the program itself has no malicious payload. Roel Schouwenberg considers the problems 'light grey'…

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Time to embrace the digital age

Virus Bulletin editor Helen Martin talks about the future of the Virus Bulletin publication.

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Ending spam

John Graham-Cumming reviews: Ending spam by Jonathan A Zdziarski

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Vers & Virus

Eddy Willems reviews: Vers & Virus by François Paget.

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Black Hat and Defcon - too hot for many

Although one always hears about 'Black Hat and DEFCON', they are in fact two very different events. VB's intrepid reporter (aka AV industry miscreant) has a report on each.

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The Common Malware Enumeration (CME) initiative

The Common Malware Enumeration (CME) initiative is a new effort headed by the US-CERT, which aims to match a unique identifier to each threat. Jimmy Kuo and Desiree Beck explain how it is hoped this initiative will help alleviate the 'virus-naming…

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McAfee Virusscan Online

Detailed testing and analysis of McAfee VirusScan Online.

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New malware distribution methods threaten signature-based AV

In this article, we identify two new malware distribution methods: short-span attacks and serial variant attacks. We describe their particular distribution patterns, the development of recent attacks, and the potential dangers they present.

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Symbian OS - mysterious playground for new malware

In the last year or two, an increasing number of Symbian threats have been reported. While there are not yet many malware writers who are interested in the Symbian OS, this may soon change. Robert Wang asks: is the Symbian OS in danger of further…

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The trouble with rootkits

Rootkits are a fast-emerging security threat which can hide malware from conventional security tools. So how do they do this, and what can you do about them?

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