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VB2018 paper: Under the hood: the automotive challenge

Inbar Raz (Argus Cyber Security)

In an average five-year-old car, there are about 30 different computers on board. In an average new car, there are double that number, and in some cases up to 100. That’s the size of network an average SMB would have, only there’s no CIO/CISO, and…

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VB2018 paper: Android app deobfuscation using static-dynamic cooperation

Yoni Moses (Check Point)
Yaniv Mordekhay (Check Point)

Malicious Android applications are quite common, and can even be found from time to time in the Google Play Store. Thus, a lot of work has been done in both industry and academia on Android app analysis, and in particular, static code analysis. One…

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VB2018 paper: Anatomy of an attack: detecting and defeating CRASHOVERRIDE

Joe Slowik (Dragos)

CRASHOVERRIDE is the first publicly known malware designed to impact electric grid operations. Reviewing previously unavailable data covering logs, forensics, and various incident information, in this paper Joe Slowik outlines the CRASHOVERRIDE…

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VB2018 paper: The modality of mortality in domain names

Paul Vixie (Farsight Security)

Domains slated for abusive uses are effectively disposable: they are registered, quickly abused for cybercrime, and abandoned. In this paper Paul Vixie describes the first systematic study of domain lifetimes, unravelling their complexities and…

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VB2018 paper: Analysing compiled binaries using Logic

Thaís Moreira Hamasaki (F-Secure)

In this paper Thaís Moreira Hamasaki provides an introduction to some practical applications of SMT solvers in IT security, investigating the theoretical limitations and practical solutions, focusing on their use as a tool for binary static analysis.

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VB2018 paper: Internet balkanization: why are we raising borders online?

Stefan Tanase (Ixia)

Nowadays, walls are not just being raised in the real world, but on the Internet as well. Countries want to isolate themselves and shut down the information they are not comfortable with, or the companies they don’t want to do business with. Freedom…

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VB2018 paper: Where have all the good hires gone?

Lysa Myers (ESET)

Much ink has been spilled on the subject of the information security skills gap, and how difficult it is to hire and retain people for these positions. And yet, we all know someone who has had a hard time finding a suitable position despite having…

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VB2018 paper: Little Brother is watching – we know all your secrets!

Stephan Huber (Fraunhofer SIT)
Steven Arzt (Fraunhofer SIT)
Siegfried Rasthofer (Fraunhofer SIT)

In their research, Siegfried Rasthofer, Stephan Huber & Steven Arzt evaluated the security level of the most popular family-tracking apps on Android. They assessed the security of the respective apps and conducted assessments of the corresponding…

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VB2018 paper: Inside Formbook infostealer

Gabriela Nicolao (Deloitte)

Formbook is an infostealer that has been advertised for sale in public hacking forums since February 2016 by a user with the handle ‘ng-Coder' but only came to public attention after it was extensively used in spam campaigns in late 2017. This paper…

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VB2018 paper: From Hacking Team to hacked team to...?

Filip Kafka (ESET)

In this paper (presented at VB2018), Filip Kafka looks at the resurfaced Hacking Team spyware, and at what has changed since the company behind it faced a number of prominent hacks.

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