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Platinum partner


"Bitdefender is a cybersecurity leader delivering best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions worldwide. Guardian over millions of consumer, business, and government environments, Bitdefender is the industry's trusted expert*for eliminating threats, protecting privacy and data, and enabling cyber resiliency. With deep investments in research and development, Bitdefender Labs discovers 400 new threats each minute and validates 30 billion threat queries daily. The company has pioneered breakthrough innovations in antimalware, IoT security, behavioral analytics, and artificial intelligence and its technology is licensed by more than 150 of the world's most recognized technology brands. Founded in 2001, Bitdefender has customers in 170 countries with offices around the world."



 Gold partners


"Avast is a global leader in digital security and privacy, with over 435 million users online. Avast offers products under the Avast and AVG brands that protect people from threats on the internet and the evolving IoT threat landscape. The company’s threat detection network is among the most advanced in the world, using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to detect and stop threats in real time."



"ReasonLabs is a global pioneer in cybersecurity detection and prevention. Powered by machine learning, ReasonLabs’ cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing consumer-focused cybersecurity, bringing enterprise-grade protection into the homes of tens of millions of users worldwide. Its innovative and powerful engine scans over 2 billion files in 180 countries a day, delivering fast, comprehensive data while providing 24/7 real-time threat detection.

"ReasonLabs’ Threat Intelligence Center (TIC) is at the forefront of cybersecurity as its research arm plays a leading role in exploring cyber threats and advancing intelligence capabilities in the cybersecurity industry. ReasonLabs is committed to advancing the cybersecurity industry as a whole by sharing findings from its TIC with the greater research community. By doing so, ReasonLabs is ensuring that everyone around the world can be protected from every immersive threat.

"ReasonLabs’ flagship product, RAV Endpoint Protection, together with its other products RAV VPN, RAV Safer Web, Online Security, and parental control app FamilyKeeper, provide consumers with full coverage for all aspects of their cybersecurity needs. Founded in 2016 by Andrew Newman, former lead security program manager at Microsoft, ReasonLabs is led by established leaders in the fields of enterprise-grade cybersecurity, artificial and supervised learning, and machine learning technology. The team is based in New York and Tel Aviv with offices in Europe and Dubai."



Bronze partners


"The Clean Software Alliance (CSA) is a champion of sustainable, consumer-friendly practices within the software distribution ecosystem. The CSA works to advance the interests of the software development community through the establishment and enforcement of guidelines, policies and technology tools that balance the software industry’s needs while preserving user choice and user control.

"A 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association, the CSA works inclusively across its constituents of online security vendors, software distribution & monetization firms, installer platform companies, browser providers, computer platform developers and third party certification companies to find consumer-friendly solutions to the challenges of economically sustainable software distribution.

"This year the CSA is holding a reunion and networking cocktail reception, to be held back-to-back with VB on September 27th, 2022 at 5PM, Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic. Join us to catch up, meet new members, discuss future events and have some fun."

(Note that attendance of VB2022 requires separate registration with Virus Bulletin.)




"Cisco Talos is one of the largest and most trusted providers of cutting-edge security research globally. Talos provides the data Cisco Secure products and services use to take action. The key differentiator of Talos is our process — seeing what is happening broadly across the threat landscape, acting on that data rapidly and meaningfully, and driving protection. The core mission at Talos is to provide verifiable and customizable defensive technologies and techniques that help customers, users and the internet at-large quickly protect their assets. It's our job to protect your network."



Partner of the VB2022 Threat Intelligence Practitioners' Summit

CTA-195h.png "The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) is a not-for-profit organization that improves the cybersecurity of the global digital ecosystem by enabling high-quality cyber threat information sharing among companies and organizations in the cybersecurity field.  With a global reach with over 35 members based in 11 countries, we seek to protect end-users, disrupt malicious actors, and elevate overall security for everyone.  Members use our automated platform to share, validate, and deploy actionable threat intelligence to their customers. They share research findings and priorities with each other at human speed as well, often before public posting. Based on our shared intelligence, CTA and its members create outputs, collaborate on actions, and respond to cyber incidents to reduce the overall effectiveness of malicious actors’ tools and infrastructure.  CTA has built a trusted network where members can share information, discuss research, ask questions, and overall communicate with research teams across our membership. CTA shares content, establishes partnerships, and promotes policies that enhance the overall security and resilience of the global digital ecosystem. CTA provides leadership in cybersecurity industry efforts, such as the Ransomware Task Force and the World Economic Forum Partnership Against Cybercrime."



"Getting connected" partner



"Evening networking" partner


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