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Throwback Thursday: Olympic Games

Mikko Hyppönen (Data Fellows)

In 1994, along with the Olympic Games came an Olympic virus, from a group of Swedish virus authors calling themselves ‘Immortal Riot’. Mikko Hyppönen had the details.

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Throwback Thursday: Holding the Bady

Costin Raiu (Kaspersky Lab)

In 2001, ‘Code Red’ caused White House administrators to change the IP address of the official White House website, and even penetrated the mighty Microsoft’s own IIS servers. In August 2001, Costin Raiu analysed the Win32/Bady.worm,

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The Journey of Evasion Enters Behavioural Phase

Ankit Anubhav (FireEye)

No malware author wants their piece of code to be easy to detect. Over time, several different approaches have been put into action to detect malware, and in response, malware authors have put into action different methods of evading them. This paper…

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Throwback Thursday: You Are the Weakest Link, Goodbye! - Passwords, Malware and You

Martin Overton (Independent Researcher)

Have you heard the one about the computer user who used their pet’s name as their password? Just like jokes, it seems the old ones and the obvious ones are considered the best when it comes to users selecting their passwords. Martin Overton looks at…

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New Keylogger on the Block

Gabor Szappanos (Sophos)

This paper provides an overview of the KeyBase trojan, both the keylogger itself and the server-side management component. Additionally, we will look at an example of when this trojan was used.

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VB2015 paper: DDoS Trojan: A Malicious Concept that Conquered the ELF Format

In their VB2015 paper, Peter Kálnai and Jaromír Hořejší look at the current state of DDoS trojans forming covert botnets on unsuspecting systems. The paper provides a technical analysis of the most important malware families, with a specific focus on…

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Throwback Thursday: Finnish Sprayer: Electronic Graffiti

Finnish Sprayer was first found in Finland in December 1993, and quickly spread throughout the country. It was not long before it was found in Sweden, Russia and Estonia, and it may well have spread even further. Mikko Hyppönen analyses this typical…

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Throwback Thursday: Hypponen, that Data Fellow

A career in IT was almost inevitable for Mikko Hyppönen’ - even before his birth, his mother was working at the Finland State Computing Centre. She brought her two sons up in the world of IT, ensuring a computer was always among their toys. In 1994,…

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VB2015 paper: Economic Sanctions on Malware

Financial pressure can be a proactive and potentially very effective tool in making our computer ecosystems safer. By cleverly employing various trust metrics and technologies such as digital signing, watermarking, and public-key infrastructure in…

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Throwback Thursday: One_Half: The Lieutenant Commander?

In October 1994, a new multi-partite virus appeared, using some of the techniques developed by the Dark Avenger in Commander_Bomber. As if this were not enough, the One_Half virus could also encrypt vital parts of the fixed disk. Eugene Kaspersky…

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