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Throwback Thursday: Misguided or malevolent? New trends in virus writing (February 2004)

Writing in February 2004, Stuart Taylor considers what he believes to be the start of a new trend in virus writing and wonders whether there is truly a criminal element entering virus writing.

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Throwback Thursday: The First International Virus Bulletin Conference (October 1991)

On September 12-13th 1991, some 150 delegates and 20 speakers from four continents assembled at the Hotel de France in St. Helier, Jersey for the first International Virus Bulletin Conference. VB's then editor Ed Wilding provided a full round-up of…

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Throwback Thursday: Virus Writer and Distributors 'Attributable Viruses' (July 1990)

While it is not easy to establish the origins of a computer virus, and it is rare that positive indicators as to authorship can be found by examining virus code, there are a number of notable exceptions to this. Dr. Jan Hruska takes us through some…

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Throwback Thursday: Computer Viruses: Electronically Transmitted Disease? (March 2003)

What is the psychological toll inflicted by computer viruses? In 2003, psychiatrist Dr H.W. LeBourgeois, of Tulane University of New Orleans, ran a study to attempt to answer this question, revealing some interesting findings.

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Custom packer defeats multiple automation systems

Malware authors are constantly working on new ways to defeat automation systems, for example by packing their samples in order to increase the length of time it takes for their malware to be detected. Ke Zhang recently came across a custom packer…

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Throwback Thursday: Safe Hex in the 21st Century: Part 2 (July 2000)

Even in July 2000, Martin Overton feared that if we didn't break out of the ‘virus-scanner-is-king’ mindset, we would be doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes forever. He put forward some suggestions for dealing with the then-current malware…

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Not a GAMe maKER

Gamker is an information-stealing trojan which uses simple decryption, then drops a copy of itself using a random filename and injects itself into a different process. Raul Alvarez looks into its code injection routine and at the twists in its…

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Throwback Thursday: The Virus Analyst Headache (April 1999)

Eugene Kaspersky describes the headache facing the virus analyst of 1999.

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Life after the apocalypse for the Middle Eastern NJRat campaign

Nearly a year after the Microsoft takedown of Vitalwerks’ dynamic DNS service No-IP, the NJRat malware campaign has re-spawned and has started making its way back to No-IP’s DDNS domains. This time, however, the malware authors are more cautious and…

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Throwback Thursday: IT Security Breaches: The 1994 NCC Survey (November 1994)

Shortly after the publication of the 1994 NCC survey on breaches of IT security, Chris Hook asked: what is the nature of the real virus problem, and how much does it cost?

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