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VB2015 paper: The Kobayashi Maru dilemma

Morton Swimmer (Trend Micro)
Nick FitzGerald (Independent researcher)
Andrew Lee (ESET)

How do you win a game when the rules don’t let you? You change the rules! In the computer security field, one possible game-changer is aggressively fighting back. Star Trek’s fictional James T. Kirk changed the Kobayashi Maru simulation from a no-win…

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VB2015 paper: Attack on the Drones

Oleg Petrovsky (HP)

This paper analyses various popular multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) configurations and controllers for susceptibility to known and proof-of-concept security attacks. The study includes analysis of existing malicious attack claims and their…

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VB2015 paper: Speaking Dyreza Protocol. Advantages of 'Learning' a New Language

Alexandru Maximciuc (Bitdefender)
Cristina Vatamanu (Bitdefender)

Most malware families are capable of evading detection and ensuring long persistence on infected machines through their update mechanisms. However, if one is able to reverse engineer such a sample and simulate C&C communication, invaluable…

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Throwback Thursday: Finnish Sprayer: Electronic Graffiti

Finnish Sprayer was first found in Finland in December 1993, and quickly spread throughout the country. It was not long before it was found in Sweden, Russia and Estonia, and it may well have spread even further. Mikko Hyppönen analyses this typical…

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Throwback Thursday: Hypponen, that Data Fellow

A career in IT was almost inevitable for Mikko Hyppönen’ - even before his birth, his mother was working at the Finland State Computing Centre. She brought her two sons up in the world of IT, ensuring a computer was always among their toys. In 1994,…

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VB2015 paper: Economic Sanctions on Malware

Financial pressure can be a proactive and potentially very effective tool in making our computer ecosystems safer. By cleverly employing various trust metrics and technologies such as digital signing, watermarking, and public-key infrastructure in…

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Throwback Thursday: One_Half: The Lieutenant Commander?

In October 1994, a new multi-partite virus appeared, using some of the techniques developed by the Dark Avenger in Commander_Bomber. As if this were not enough, the One_Half virus could also encrypt vital parts of the fixed disk. Eugene Kaspersky…

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VB2015 paper: Dare ‘DEVIL’: beyond your senses with Dex Visualizer

Jun Yong Park (AhnLab)

Given the rapid growth of Android applications and malware, the use of behaviour-based methods is one of the most promising approaches for malware detection. Many security researchers are struggling with how to determine malicious behaviours and…

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VB2015 paper: Ubiquity, Security and You – Malware, Security and the Internet of Things

Heather Goudey (Independent researcher)
Jasmine Sesso (Microsoft)

This paper looks at the state of the AV industry in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2015, then drills down into the specific security implications faced, as well as, the current approaches taken to address them. We examine the…

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VB2015 paper: Solving the (In)security of Home Networked Devices

Pavel Sramek (Avast Software)
Martin Smarda (Avast Software)

In the past few years, not a VB conference has gone by without a talk about someone hacking the devices they have at home. Be it routers, NAS-es or ‘smart’ TVs, there has always been one thing in common: the vendors have ignored the problems and…

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