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VB2015 paper: The Evolution of Ransomware: From CryptoWall to CTBLocker

Christy Chung (Fortinet)
Neo Tan (Fortinet)

The CryptoLocker ransomware was first discovered in late 2013. Millions of computers were infected, billions of files were encrypted, and millions of dollars’ worth of ransom was collected within several months. It caught a lot of researchers’…

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VB2014 paper: Tech Support Scams 2.0: An inside look into the evolution of the classic Microsoft tech support scam

Jérôme Segura (Malwarebytes)

Tech support scams have been around for a long time, and despite all the attention they have received, they are only getting worse. Scammers are diversifying - no longer just using the Microsoft cold-calling technique but now also using deceptive ads…

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VB2014 paper: Evolution of Android exploits from a static analysis tools perspective

Anna Szalay (Sophos)
Jagadeesh Chandraiah (Sophos)

With Android being the fastest-growing mobile OS, and with a rapidly increasing number of Android malware samples in existence, it is important to acknowledge the risk of exploitation of security vulnerabilities by malware. In their VB2014 paper,…

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VB2014 paper: Android packers: facing the challenges, building solutions

Rowland Yu (Sophos)

A growing percentage of Android malware, including Zeus, SMSSend, and re-packaged applications, are packed using legitimate packers originally developed to protect the intellectual property of Android applications, with other malware having been…

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VB2014 paper: It has a EULA, it must be legit

Stefan Catalin Hanu (Bitdefender)
Stefan Mosoi (Bitdefender)
Marius Lucaci (Bitdefender)

Analysing greyware applications and taking a definitive decision on whether or not to block them is more than often a tedious job, combining research and both dynamic and static analysis. In their VB2014 paper, Stefan Catalin Hanu, Stefan Mosoi and…

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VB2014 paper: An in-depth analysis of abuse on Twitter

Jonathan Oliver (Trend Micro)
Christopher Ke (Deakin University)
Paul Pajares (Trend Micro)
Chao Chen (Deakin University)
Yang Xiang (Deakin University)

In their VB2014 paper, Jonathan Oliver and his colleagues look at abuse on Twitter.

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VB2014 paper: Linux-based Apache malware infections: biting the hand that serves us all

Cathal Mullaney (Symantec)
Sayali Kulkarni (Symantec)

In their VB2014 paper, Cathal Mullaney and Sayali Kulkarni demonstrate that targeting Linux-based Apache web servers is an active and extremely effective method of malware infection. They present an overview of Linux malware and a technical analysis…

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VB2014 paper: Notes on click fraud: American story

Peter Kalnai (Avast Software)
Jaromir Horejsi (Avast Software)

The Blackbeard/Pigeon clickbot follows the path that was previously set by ZeroAccess. It uses a sophisticated method to stay persistent in a victim’s computer. Analysing this kind of threat is not a straightforward task, because the entire process…

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VB2014 paper: Can we trust a trustee? An in-depth look into the digitally signed malware industry

Adrian Stefan Popescu (Bitdefender)
Gheorghe Jescu (Bitdefender)

An increasing number of developers are using certificates issued by Certificate Authorities (CAs) to create a more trustworthy environment for users. Although certificates should be used by legitimate developers only, we are seeing an increasing…

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VB2014 paper: How they’re getting the data out of your network: a survey of methods used for exfiltration of sensitive data, recommendations for detection and protection

Eric Koeppen (IBM)

Exfiltration of data has been a feature of many attacks, where confidential customer information has been leaked to malicious actors - such infections can have disastrous effects on a company’s brand, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage. In…

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