Threat intelligence data – a global market update

Friday 5 October 09:30 - 10:15, TIS room

Michael Osterman (Osterman Research)

In simpler times, there were just a few trusted blacklists to worry about, and they were easy to integrate via projects like SpamAssassin. Today, hundreds of vendors are trying to leverage their proprietary and closed 'Threat Intelligence' as a competitive differentiator. Is this the right strategy for the market or has 'Point Solution Fatigue' set in, leading to slower adoption and limited deployments?

Michael has been tracking messaging & collaboration tools with a focus on security, privacy and compliance for over 15 years and has seen first-hand the evolution of technology used to reduce risks linked to email and file sharing. Based on the results from his recent surveys, he will provide us with a data-driven update of where he sees the global threat intelligence heading and the impact privacy regulations, while sharing his perspective on why we should expect both more innovation and more consolidation.

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