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We cannot ignore the increased use of IoT in domestic abuse cases

The New York Times reports that smart home devices are increasingly used in cases of domestic abuse.
Smart home technology is increasingly being used in domestic abuse cases. In more than 30 interviews with The New York Times, domestic abuse victims, their lawyers, shelter…

Hide'n'Seek IoT botnet adds persistence

The Hide'n'Seek IoT botnet has received an update to make its infection persist on infected devices beyond a restart.
The Hide'n'Seek IoT botnet has received an update to make its infection persist on infected devices beyond a restart, Bitdefender reports. Though persistence is fairly common…

Security-focused routers may help to mitigate IoT threats

Various security companies are offering security-focused routers. This is a good trend and may help mitigate a lot of the issues that come with the IoT.
Walking around the RSA show floor last week, it was clear that the Internet of Things, or IoT, is a hot topic in security. Indeed, the number of connected devices continues to…

VB2016 preview: Smart Outlets. Why We Need Responsible Disclosure!

At VB2016, four researcher from Bitdefender will present a paper in which they look at vulnerabilities in four "smart" power outlets.
If you are wondering whether you really live in the future: we need to be concerned about the security of Internet-connected power outlets. Such devices are the subject of a…

VB2016 preview: Mobile Applications: a Backdoor into Internet of Things?

At VB2016 in Denver, Fortinet researcher Axelle Apvrille will discuss how analysing a device's complementary mobile app can help a great deal in understanding the architecture of a smart device.
The recent discovery of a one-million-device IoT botnet used for DDoS attacks should be ample proof that concerns over the security of the Internet of Things are not merely…

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